Cinch IT commits to providing fast, friendly, and highly responsive support to its clients with the upmost effectiveness. By leveraging a best-in-class helpdesk and highly-trained technicians, we strive to resolve issues as quickly and effectively as possible.


Cinch IT is dedicated to having a finger on the pulse of our clients, and our goal is to stop issues before they happen as affectively as possible. We will monitor our clients’ networks around the clock in an effort to prevent ongoing issues now and in the future.

Cybersecurity & Compliance

Cinch IT is determined committed to protecting our clients and educating them about the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats and their potential impact. We will remain vigilant and commit to keeping current to maintain a level of compliance for our clients.


Cinch IT commits to partnering with your business for success. We will meet with our clients regularly and craft a strategic agenda designed to assist them in achieving their company’s mission. At Cinch IT, we believe that our success depends on yours.

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Empower Your Sandy Springs Business with Cinch I.T.

At Cinch I.T. Sandy Springs, we're all about diving deep into what makes your business tick right from the start, setting us apart from the rest. We kick things off with a personalized cybersecurity checkup tailored specifically to your Sandy Springs enterprise. This helps us zero in on your goals so we can craft technology solutions that supercharge your productivity and bottom line. Our dedicated team moves swiftly to create and roll out a tailor-made technology plan that fortifies and safeguards your operations.

Join our Cinch I.T. family for unmatched computer services in Sandy Springs. Experience our full-bodied support, including regular onsite visits, unlimited assistance, access to our U.S.-based help desk, round-the-clock monitoring, and a comprehensive security suite. Our advisory squad works hand in hand with you to ensure your I.T. strategy is finely tuned to your business dreams, both now and in the future.



My meeting with Cinch IT answered all my questions. They didn't just address the pain points I knew so well; they had a robust plan to tackle them. Their vision for cybersecurity and IT support resonated with my own, aligning not just with my professional experience but also with my aspiration to provide unmatched service. The decision was instantaneous. I canceled my other appointments with competing franchises. There was no looking back.Now, as I step into the fourth year of my journey with Cinch IT, my excitement for the future is palpable. The challenges of the pandemic have transformed into opportunities for growth and service excellence. Every day, I am motivated by the impact we make – providing top-notch cybersecurity and IT support to our clients. This isn't just a business; it's a mission to empower and protect, driven by a pandemic's challenge turned into a thriving opportunity.

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